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Lei Making

Celebrating with our customers!! Violet Won a Lei making competition at the Hilo Palace Theater!! The Lei was donated for auction and the proceeds went to helping our elderly.

Since the pandemic lock down ended, I have spent a lot of time working to re-event my business. Instead of trying new things, I have worked on reclaiming my childhood knowledge of plants and fiber art. Sitting at the farmers market in Hilo, I have formed a great relationship with one of Hawaii's finest lei makers. Learning techniques to refine my lei making, terminology, and how to use the extra leaves from my weavings in my lei's. I find a great joy in making lei's, my favorite flowers to use are crown flowers and roses. The joy of lei making has brought me to a great place of peaceful understanding.

Now we are in our third year of business at the Hilo Farmers market and instead of being just about weaving, Violet Love Designs has expanded to so many different arts!!!

Many thanks to our customers!!

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