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 Weaving since the 1980's


Currently operating a booth at

the Hilo Farmers Market

in Hilo, Hawaii


We grow most of what we use to make our leaf art, lei's, rope, dyes and fabrics in the lush tropical rain forests of Hawaii.


Violet LoveLENA founded the company with the vision of sharing her love of natural Sustainability. Creating and designing with leaves, flowers, and fibers, we maintain a healthy balance with the earth. master apprentice style learning is given to all designers to help them develop their skills and expand their knowledge.

The support system we have developed allows us to be independent practitioners with good prices, unique styles and healthy competition that leads to beneficial innovation.

Our company is lead by our founder and her relentlessness to maintain and perpetuate the rich cultural history of Hawaii. 

Each designer is an independent artist that manages their own personal customer base via social media and partner storefronts. 




Our main products are made from coconut leaves, which we source from wild trees and independent coconut climbers. The best selling item is the Papale, a hat woven with the leaves of the coconut tree. We have many styles of hats as each of our coconut weavers has developed their individual style.


Product List:


  • Papale (coconut leaf hat)

  • 'Umeke (large market basket)

  • Pola/calabash (small to large woven bowl)

  • Makana (hand held fan/massage tool)

  • Wall Hanging basket

  • Bread Basket

  • Holiday Wreaths for any celebration (birthday, funeral, easter, christmas)

  • Multi-fiber center pieces for any celebration

  • Lei Po'o (head leis)

  • Ti leaf lei's (designs vary)

  • Fresh water pearl jewelry

  • Tahitian pearl jewelry

  • Hand carved items (hair sticks, knives, spoons, etc)

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